Monday, 28 February 2011

What Does a Google URL mean? Part I

Search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo are used throughout the sourcing community on a daily basis to source talent.  We are so use to plugging our Boolean operators into Google, narrowing down searches and sifting through the results.

But, have you ever looked at the Google URL when conducting a search?  If not you should!

Every query we ask Google to run is represented with a URL that points to a results page, these URL’s are not static, but dynamic links which are continually updated and therefore provide real time results.  So if I run a search for a Java developer with Struts and Hibernate experience based in Bristol today, Google will provide a URL which is two things:

  1. Active connection to a list of results
  2. A compact shorthand version of a Google query

Once we understand the Syntax behind a Google URL it is easy for us to realise the subject matter of the search query as well as enabling us to easily modify the search query.

Google URL’s are a great way to keep lengthy Boolean search strings concise and also allow quick modification of the URL and resulting Google queries.

My next post will give a thorough break down of a Google URL and explain the Syntax used.

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