Thursday, 17 February 2011

Why the blog?

I have worked as an IT Recruiter for several years recruiting niche and hard to find skill sets such as C#, .NET, Java and SQL.  Since my first day working as a senior recruiters “bitch” sourcing candidates and “pulling” leads the role has changed hell of a lot!

Let’s face it, back in those good old days, you posted a job online, your inbox was inundated with candidates, you spoke to the best 10 on paper and short listed the best three for the client and Bob’s your uncle, a placement and a big fat fee!  How things have changed!

Now highly skilled technologists aren’t uploading their CV to Monster, Jobsite or any of the other sites or applying for jobs online, so where are they and how are they found? 

This continual search for the top talent has made me think out side the box to develop a host of telephoning sourcing techniques and more recently the use of Boolean Logic and Boolean Searches.

The aim of this blog is to share internet and telephone sourcing techniques I adopt each day as well as expanding my knowledge in the field of sourcing top IT talent.

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